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This year the practice has chosen Prostate Cancer

Second hand books are also available for a small donation.


If you have attended a hospital Outpatient Clinic and have been given a medication request slip to hand into to your General Practitioner, please note that your prescription(s) will be available within 48 hours as per our normal practice policy for the ordering of routine medications. If your consultant wishes you to commence a medication or a treatment urgently/immediately then you will either be provided with this at your clinic appointment or you will have the medication dispensed that day via the hospital pharmacy.


Please download and complete this Travel Questionnaire and hand it into the reception desk

The practice offers both advice and vaccination for travel abroad.No charge is made for the advice and most vaccinations are available either on NHS prescription or from stock held at the practice. Please note however that there are certain vaccines that are only available outwith the NHS and for which a fee is charged. A fee is also charged for any Certificate of Vaccination requested.

You may need travel vaccinations depending on the country or countries you intend to visit. To help us advise you, please collect a Patient Travel Questionnaire from Reception noting the following important information:


We are disappointed to learn that there is a strong possibility that the gardeners who maintain our plants and shrubs may have to pull out of their contract with us due to Health & Safety issues relating to the large amount of dog fouling in all of the areas surrounding the building.

We would ask that if you see any acts of vandalism to either the building or its surroundings that you report this to the Police or to our Practice Manager.


This is a once-only vaccination. Pneumococcal pneumonia is a serious lung infection which in rare cases can be fatal. It is particularly harmful to people whose body defences are weakened. If you have not already been vaccinated and fall into any of the categories below, please arrange to have this vaccination. This can be given at one of our open flu clinics:

  • If you are 65 years old or over
  • If you have chronic heart, lung, liver, renal (kidney) disease or have diabetes.
  • If you have immunosuppression due to disease or treatment.
  • If you have COPD or asthma (except mild asthma) at any age
  • If you have a cochlear implant.
  • Note: if you have chronic kidney disease, nephrotic syndrome or have had a splenectomy, you should already have been vaccinated and, in this case, booster doses are given at 5-yearly intervals.